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Welcome to Seven Focus

Jamie Villarreal-Bassett , Co-Founder and Executive Visionary

Jamie (she/her), is an experienced leader with eighteen (18) years of leadership experience, including more than seven (7) years leading equity, diversity, and inclusion work. As a Mexican American woman, Jamie has a proven track record of impactful contributions, driven leadership, and passion for ensuring team members feel included, honored, and uplifted regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, or other social identity markers. Her formal education in Sociology at Colorado College and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at Colorado State University provides a foundation for her life’s work to advance a more just, inclusive, diverse, and equitable experience for all.

She has set visions for, led, and empowered teams throughout her career providing a high standard of equity, inclusion, and diversity. Her personal and professional experiences have prepared her to excel in her 10+ year tenure in Denver Public Schools, most recently as the Director of Culturally Responsive Education and in her current role as the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Pinnacol Assurance. Jamie partners with multiple stakeholders to guarantee every single team member and community member, especially those who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and other marginalized identities, thrive, not by accident, but by design. Jamie has successfully guided DEI initiatives with Foundations, Boards, for-profits, non-profits, educators, leaders, and executives. Jamie is married and has two kids. Jamie enjoys spending time with her family and walking around her neighborhood when not at work. 

Robert Franklin II, Co- Founder and Executive Educator

Robert (he/him), also known as Mr. RAWbert, has over 20 years experience as a practitioner in several arenas and industries. Robert has worked with community serving organizations throughout the nation in training, advocacy, program development, change management and change leadership, racial, gender, language and ability justice and equity. A youth-focused educator by trade, training and passion, Robert works to impact the lives of young people, their families and communities through advocacy, ally-ship and facilitated learning. Focused on creating new and inclusive opportunities for learning and engaging, Robert and his wife, Melissa, built MNMR, LLC to further their passions, merging entertaining performances and opportunities to learn through immersive storytelling – Talking Differences. Each Talking Difference experience, program and initiative had been designed to engage an audience, and in doing so, provide lasting, memorable, and tangible moments of brilliance.

Robert currently leads diversity, health equity and inclusion efforts at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The work of his position involves challenging an entire health system to realize the impacts of the differences that make difference on work and care in our communities. Guided by a coordinated and strategic framework, Robert’s team, programs and interventions challenge caregivers to learn, engage, celebrate and take action in an effort to realize health equity.

At Colorado State University, Robert co-chaired the Diversity Catalyst Team,delivering unique training programs and culturally responsive inclusion strategy for staff and volunteers throughout Colorado’s 64 counties. As trainer and coach with Denver Parks and Recreation, Robert developed and delivered interventions to improve access and impact for thousands of youth and their families, engaging hundreds of youth development staff