Seven Focus


Huge thank you to Jamie and Robert for leading us through our learning last night. Honestly, I think the only thing I would change would be to have had more time, and I am definitely going to build that in for next year’s group. Thank you for creating a space for our DLT leaders to think, speak, and learn. I value you and your work, and I learn so much from you.
Denver Public School Leader
The work with Seven Focus, and their strong belief in long term partnerships not just one-off trainings, has completely transformed the way our organization is able to operationalize and institutionalize equity practices. We have set practices in motion that are now repeated yearly (such as yearly team trainings, review of organizational equity statement, etc), completed audits and revisions of internal documents (such as lesson plans and job descriptions), and created new policies and procedures (such as our equity statement, pay differential policy, and more). Having a partner in this work has encouraged us to keep going and make changes that we know will outlast any of our individual team members time at our organization and have real lasting impact for our program participants. Plus Jamie and Robert are amazing people who our team genuinely learns a lot from and enjoys being around. I really appreciate how much effort they put into personalizing situations and examples to our organization, which is a result of their long term partnership approach.
Executive Director, Bluff Lake Nature Center
I loved participating in a training that taught skill through practice, discomfort, and exploration, rather than via a lecture or information share. I love the approach for DEI as an exploration of self first and foremost. Additionally, I appreciated the willingness to deliver to multiple audiences at once and to center youth voice in the process.